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Da Ta joined China Mobile 5G terminal Forerunner industry Alliance
Time: 2020-12-17

On December 17, the first council meeting and member conference of China Mobile 5G Terminal Forerunner Industry Alliance was held in Beijing, at which the organizational structure of the alliance was determined and the 2020 work plan was released, actively promoting the ecological prosperity of the 5G terminal industry and opening up a new direction for the future development of terminals.

After the establishment of the China Mobile 5G Terminal Pioneer Industry Alliance, it has received positive responses from the industry and quickly brought together more than 100 partners from various industries such as terminal products, chip devices, operating systems, application content, and solutions. In the new stage of 5G commercialization, the alliance adheres to the vision of "terminal first, open sharing, innovation and win-win", with the mission of "enriching new products of 5G terminals, strengthening the integration of 5G with all walks of life, exploring new 5G business models, and building a prosperous ecosystem of 5G+ terminals", and is committed to promoting the maturity of the 5G terminal industry and the prosperity of the industry.

As the operator with the largest user scale in the world, China Mobile and a number of terminal industry partners around the world, including Data, jointly launched the "5G Terminal Forerunner Program", which is a catalyst to promote sincere cooperation between the industrial chain and promote the maturity of 5G terminals. On the basis of the 5G project research cooperation between the two sides, Datata is willing to actively participate in the "5G Terminal Forerunner Plan" led by China Mobile, make full use of its platform value, and join hands with all parties in the terminal industry chain to open up the road of 5G terminal pioneer.



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